Dental Crowns and Bridges in Plano, TX

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Fix Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Plano

There are few restorative dentistry treatments that can’t be accomplished with dental crowns and bridges in Plano, TX. Crowns cover your entire tooth, which makes them an incredibly versatile dental restoration. They can:

  • Mend a broken or cracked tooth.
  • Repair a severely decayed tooth.
  • Seal a tooth following a root canal procedure.
  • Cover a badly stained or misshapen tooth.
  • Replace a missing tooth when attached to a dental implant or used as part of a dental bridge.

If you have a problem you think can be solved with a dental crown, call us today.

Enjoy Incredible Convenience With a Same-Day Crown

We’ve invested in sophisticated CAD/CAM technology so you can get a quality dental crown in a single visit to our office. Dr. Dickson uses 3-D software to design your crown, then manufactures it using our in-office milling machine. You can relax in one of our massage chairs and watch TV or listen to music while you wait. He’ll ensure the fit is perfect. If it’s not, he can easily and quickly make any needed changes.

Compare that to the usual process where the manufacture of a crown is outsourced to an outside dental lab. You’ll wait at least several days for your restoration while wearing a temporary crown. If there are problems with fit, it will require back-and-forth communication with the lab to resolve the problem.

With or Without Implants, a Bridge Replaces Missing Teeth

You can replace a single missing tooth with a dental crown attached to a dental implant. To replace several teeth in a row, we can attach a bridge to implants. If you’d prefer not to get implants, we can attach a fixed bridge to two dental crowns bonded to your teeth on either side of the gap. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to remove a bridge for cleaning.

To see what our Plano, TX dental crowns and bridges can do for your smile, call us today. You’ll find our office on Preston Road, near the Legacy Shops.

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