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Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening in Plano

If you’re drinking coffee to sharpen your wits, you may also be dulling your teeth. Coffee contains tannins that discolor teeth. It’s also highly acidic, which makes your enamel more prone to damage. Fortunately, you can make your pearly whites bright again with teeth whitening in Plano, TX. With our professional teeth whitening, you can choose:

  • A treatment in our office for the fastest results.
  • Professional-strength products you use at home for maximum convenience.

Either way, you’ll get brighter results than you would using products purchased from a drugstore. Ready for a whiter smile? Call today.

Avoid Disappointing Results With Professional Whitening

If you’re already tried a whitening product from the drugstore, you’ve likely been disappointed with your results. Our professional teeth whitening won’t disappoint, though.

We use the strongest, safest, prescription-strength whitening solutions for home and in-office whitening because they:

  • Work Better – With more active whitening ingredients, they’ll get your teeth brighter in less time.
  • Are Easy to Use – Forget about messy strips! We’ll apply the treatment for you in our office. If you whiten at home, we’ll give you custom-made whitening trays that ensure you’ll get complete coverage.
  • Won’t Irritate Your Gums – Custom-made trays keep the bleaching gel on your teeth and off your gums.

Participate in Our Whitening For Life Program

Keep your smile consistently white with our Whitening for Life program. If you have dental insurance or are a member of our In-Office Discount Plan, we’ll give you a custom-made whitening tray at your first office teeth whitening appointment. As long as you remain free of gum disease and of decay in your smile line, you’ll receive an annual supply of two tubes of bleaching gel you can use at home. If you’d prefer, you can skip the office whitening and participate in the program for $99.

For more information about teeth whitening in Plano, TX, call us today. Our office is near the Legacy Shops and the Conservatory at Plano.

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