Worst Foods (for Your Teeth) to Eat at a Super Bowl Party

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The 2015 Super Bowl takes place Sunday, February 1. No matter which team you root for, a Super Bowl party is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with some of your closest, sports-fanatic friends.

And eat lots of food that’s bad for your cholesterol.

Some of the food you may eat at a Super Bowl party also could be bad for your teeth.


Read below for a description of some of them and why they may not be the best choice for healthy teeth.


  • Red wine. While red wine can be a very healthy thing to drink, it can weaken and erode your enamel in as little as five minutes due to the berry acid within it.
  • If you drink a lot of beer at the party, you may choose – wisely enough – to drink some coffee an hour or two before driving home. But coffee – and tea – can stain your teeth. The brew contains tannin, which often can leave its calling card on your teeth – yellowed teeth.
  • Bottled beer. Not the liquid itself, but the bottle’s cap. If your host offers you a bottled beer and, because it doesn’t have a twist-off cap, you decide to remove the cap with your teeth – watch out! Doing so is a very dangerous move because removing a beer cap with your teeth can lead to a chipped or broken tooth.
  • Candy, especially the chewy or crunchy kind (which pretty much covers all types of candy) has plenty of sugar and – as you no doubt know because it’s been pounded into your brain by your parents, dentists and the American Dental Association – sugar is detrimental to your teeth. Chewy candy also can result in small pieces of becoming stuck between your teeth, which can help erode your tooth enamel.
  • Even sandwiches and potato/tortilla chips can be bad for your teeth because your saliva can quickly convert the starch in these foods into sugar – and we know how bad sugar can be for your teeth.


To help protect your teeth while still enjoying the party, bring your toothbrush and discretely excuse yourself every couple of hours to brush your teeth. Doing so helps keep the effects of the candy and starch from doing too much damage. Waiting until a few hours after the game is over could be too late to keep the bad effects from starting.


If you do end up removing a beer bottle cap with your teeth and chip or break a tooth during a Super Bowl party – or at any time after regular office hours – Dr. Dickson offers 24-hour emergency services. Simply call our office today, follow the touch pad options and the doctor will be notified immediately.

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