What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

It seems that a dental emergency never has the good grace to occur when we are due for our six monthly dental check-up. For many people, these check-ups are the only time we will require to consult with our dentist, especially if we have good dental health habits.

However, there will always be an occasion where a dental emergency occurs. When these emergencies happen, a trip to an emergency dentist ensues. Our Team at Plano Center for Aesthetic Dentistry realizes that dental emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient times, so we are pleased to offer 24-hour dental emergency service in our Plano office.

Dental emergencies are most typically those problems which strike out-of-hours, often without warning. But they can also occur at any time, such as breaking a tooth during the working day. Most dental emergencies can be classified as those instances where there is visible damage to teeth, such as breaking a tooth, chipping or unexpected tooth loss; and where there is pain in the tooth, which is a signal of underlying issues.

Dental emergencies which consist of tooth damage is fairly common; sporting accidents, slips, falls or even biting can all result in teeth becoming damaged or even lost altogether. In these instances, a visit to a dentist is often required in order to fix the damage, through a range of dental techniques from tooth crowns to dental implants, and in some cases lost teeth can even be replaced naturally.

Pain, on the other hand, is usually caused by underlying issues, such as tooth decay or abscess and will require a dentist to treat the underlying cause before they can treat the tooth through a filling, root canal, or in some cases extraction.

Regular visits to a dentist can help minimise the onset and spread of tooth decay, and so painful episodes requiring treatment by an emergency dentist is perhaps not quite so frequent as the accidental emergencies.

Patients can help themselves in the event of a dental emergency occurring by ensuring they have some simple supplies on hand in order to tide them over until they can see a dental professional. These items include painkillers to dull aches experienced by toothache, mouthwash to keep teeth clean where brushing may not be possible, cotton pads to stem bleeding and sugar-free gum to plug openings in teeth following lost fillings.

These simple supplies should provide enough respite to allow for an emergency dental appointment to be sought, in order for proper treatment to be obtained.

For additional tips on how to handle a dental emergency, contact the Plano Texas office of Dr. Darren Dickson today.

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