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Are you one of the many people who shudder at the thought of a dental appointment? You might be interested to know that by one estimate, 30 to 40 million people in the United States completely avoid dental care due to dental anxiety. Tens of millions more have a lesser, but still very real, discomfort or even dread about seeing the dentist. But even the most anxious people can comfortably get dental care with proven dental sedation options from Dr. Darren Dickson at My Dentist In Plano, TX.

What Is Anxiety?

Put simply, anxiety is the price we pay for having big brains. We’re probably the only species on earth that can imagine the future.

Anxiety is normal and natural. In fact, without our ability to foresee things that could happen, the human race might not have survived!

Sometimes, though, we imagine a future in which painful, or embarrassing, or scary things might happen. If we’re facing an event that’s very like something we’ve experienced before, and that prior experience was bad, it’s easy to imagine that the new experience will be equally bad or even worse.

If you’ve had a bad experience at the dentist, it’s quite natural to worry that every experience would be like that. It’s also natural to want to avoid those situations. Unfortunately, avoiding dental care leads to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

We Can Make Your Dental Anxiety A Thing Of The Past

At My Dentist In Plano, we understand dental anxiety. We don’t judge people who experience it because almost everyone has experienced anxiety about something. Our total focus is on ensuring that you have a relaxed and comfortable dental appointment so that you get the care you need.

Those aren’t just words; we have four levels of safe dental sedation to make sure that you’re relaxed before anything else happens during your appointment. And, we’ll make sure you stay relaxed. You’ll be amazed at how stress-free a dental appointment can be!

Our Dental Sedation Options

Inhaled Sedation

You may have heard of laughing gas, and that’s the inhaled sedation that dentists have used for more than a century to help anxious patients. Inhaled sedation has a superb safety record and it’s even approved for use with children!

Inhaled sedation will give you a gentle feeling of euphoria and help take your mind off your dental treatment. We can adjust the level of sedation for your comfort, and we always carefully monitor every patient who receives any form of dental sedation.

The effects wear off quickly, and you’ll feel like yourself in no time. You’ll be safe to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For those who need more help relaxing, Dr. Dickson will provide you with a small pill that you take in our office. Nothing will happen until you’re comfortably and safely asleep in the dental chair.  

You won’t remember much, if anything about your visit. In fact, you may not remember anything until you wake up at home! Since trying to drive while sedated is an enormously bad idea, you’ll definitely need a driver for your appointment.

IV Sedation

Would you prefer not to remember anything about your appointment? Then IV sedation is for you! It provides a deeper level of sedation in the form of a “twilight sleep.” You’ll still be able to answer questions and respond to requests, but you won’t remember your time in the chair once you’re sedated. Since the effects can linger, make sure that you have someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Full Intubated Sedation

If you have a severe dental phobia, or if you’re facing an extended period of time in the chair, consider fully intubated sedation. You’ll receive general anesthesia like what you may have received in the hospital. You’ll be carefully monitored and the level of sedation will be adjusted as needed throughout your appointment and afterward until you’re ready to go home.

Yeah, But Does It Really Work?

In a word, yes, dental sedation works. In fact, many patients who have had horrendous experiences in the past with a dentist gradually move through “lighter” levels of dental sedation until they don’t need any for routine appointments! We can’t promise that will happy with you, but we can share one patient’s story. Here’s part of what Rachel has to say about her experience at My Dentist in Plano.

“I have been seeing Dr. Dickson for about 18 months now, after a 10-year leave of absence from visiting ANY dentist. My story and recommendation is long because the backstory is so important to why I recommend Dr. Dickson.

To say I was frightened of the “horrendous dental chair” is an understatement. When I was 6 months old, I had scarlet fever and chicken pox at the same time. The treatment for these caused my enamel not to develop; that strong substance that protects your pearly whites, I have none.

Dental work began for me as soon as my permanent teeth started coming in. My first cavity was drilled at the age of 5, with little to no numbing. From there, about 20 years in and out of the dentist chairs, every 6 months some new tooth to drill or root canal to be had. I have had veneers two prior times and my last root canal was about 10 years ago. After that, I just quit going. My memories are vivid: pain, discomfort, embarrassment, frustration …

I then met Dr. Dickson through mutual friends. After talking with his wife first, she assured me I could do this and Dr. Dickson and his team would help me. First and foremost, his entire staff is AMAZING. They were patient with me as I, full of fear, walked in the office for the first time. The sound of any drills really brings me to my edge, so Lin, ever so quickly, pulled me from the waiting room and hollered to the staff, “Let’s get her comfortable, NOW!” I was sedated for my first cleaning and assessment of what was sure to be a huge project.

When I went back for my consult, they made sure to take me quickly to where I couldn’t hear work being done, and Lin and I went over the whole plan. From there, Dr. Dickson restored my teeth in three sessions, all under sedation. He checked on me the evening after each session.

The restoration has been life-changing. I have no discomfort, my teeth look natural, I smile fully and get so many compliments. I can really see it in photos!!! More importantly, together, we have pretty much conquered my fear. I have successfully followed up with two more cleanings on schedule, with NO cavities, and have graduated to not needing sedation for cleanings.”

You can read the rest of Rachel’s story here .

We’re Here To Help

Don’t let dental anxiety – even a dental phobia – keep you from getting the dental care you need. All of us at My Dentist In Plano have one goal – to provide the best dental care and the best dental experience possible. We’ll take excellent care of you while you’re with us.

Call My Dentist in Plano today at 972-737-7039 or fill out our online form to request an appointment with Dr. Dickson. Or just to ask any questions you might have. Our goal is to put you at ease and show you just how relaxed and comfortable a dental appointment can be.

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