Veneers for Prom?

Many high school students are starting to think about the prom now, as spring approaches. Although it’s “just” March and the big to-do isn’t for several weeks, some students may actually be in the throes of planning for the big event, picking out dresses/tuxes, arranging for up-dos, talking to limo companies about renting a stretch limo for several friends, and so on.


Does your high school student want a perfect smile for prom?

Your teen naturally wants to look his or her best. With our 24-hour, millions-of-media-channels-world of today, one that blasts selfies and photos constantly of and from celebrities, with lots of information on what diet the celebrity is following, what clothes he or she is wearing, what bands/music he or she is listening to, and what beauty regimes he or she may be following, your son or daughter may have decided that in order to look tops for prom, porcelain veneers are called for. And soon!

So a couple of questions arise:

  1. Could your teen actually get the veneers by the time prom rolls around (about May)?
  2. Should your teen get veneers for prom?

Let’s answer the first question first: yes, your teen probably could get veneers on one or more teeth by prom, but you probably should start the process now, as two to three visits to your Plano dentist will be needed.

The first visit is to see if your teen is even a candidate for veneers. The dentist will check the condition of your child’s gums and teeth to see if they’re in good shape.

The second visit will see the dentist shaving/buffing a very small portion of your teen’s teeth in order to make the tooth/teeth slightly smaller (so that the veneer will fit over it nicely).

If your child wants veneers in time for prom, your dentist may recommend a composite resin veneer. This can be placed on your teen’s tooth/teeth and molded, shaped and bonded that day.

While these types of veneers are resilient, a longer-lasting veneer is made of porcelain/ceramic and will need to be created in a lab after the dentist takes a mold of your child’s teeth (during the second visit). The lab work can take a few days to a couple of weeks until the veneers are ready. Your child then needs to visit the dentist a third time to have the veneers placed and bonded to his or her teeth.

The second question (should your teen have veneers for prom?) is a bit harder to answer, as it’s really a question of what you and your child consider important. Only you and your child can answer that question.

Veneers generally are safe for teenagers. Most dentists, however, recommend that the minimum age to have veneers placed on teeth is 16 for girls and 18 for boys. The reason is that your child is still growing and his or her mouth is changing, so there may be a need in a few years to remove/replace the veneers if there’s a growth spurt.

If you and your child are considering porcelain veneers in time for the 2015 prom season, make an appointment with Plano cosmetic dentist Dr. Darren Dickson by phone to discuss your options.

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