Trends in Dental Care 2015

Happy New Year!

Sure, it’s the end of January, but we figure it’s OK until February 1 to wish our site visitors a great New Year.

It’s also still a great time to discuss some of the dental care trends you may notice this year.

  • Fewer people are going to the dentist. The main culprit appears to be the cost of dental insurance (fewer employers offer coverage) for those who are employed and more people who may not have access to employer coverage due to job loss. They may feel they don’t have the cash in their household budget for dental visits.
  • So while fewer people are visiting a dentist regularly, those patients that do are becoming more vocal about what they want in their experience with their dentists. So you can expect ever more patient-centered dental care.
  • Look for more cosmetic dentists to talk about how good oral care (brushing, flossing, seeing a dentist twice a year for professional cleaning), is a huge part of having a great smile. Dentists will emphasize how veneers and teeth whitening products are all well and good, but preventive care and good oral habits will go a long way to keeping the results of those costly cosmetic procedures looking great.

  • The number of people who get dental implants will rise. Dental implants are nothing new (they’ve actually been around since the 1980s), but the implants, the artificial teeth that go on top the implants and the surgical techniques that go into placing them in your mouth have advanced a great deal, making the procedure quick and exceptionally effective at a cost that is growing more and more reasonable.
  • Your solo-practice dentist may be purchased by a group dental practice. The trend is growing because – among other things – the cost of running a solo practice is increasing every year and dentists are finding it much more cost effective to be part of a group practice for economy of scale for equipment, payroll, insurance, marketing, and more.
  • The trend toward preventative care rather than focusing on fixing problems that come up will continue. You can expect your dentist to talk to you even more about how to prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease, enamel erosion, and so on than ever before.

If it’s time to schedule your twice-yearly dental cleaning. If you want to discuss implants, veneers, tooth whitening, or another cosmetic dental procedure. If you’d like to learn more about how to practice preventative oral health, contact Plano dentist Dr. Darren Dickson by phone. You also may send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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