Tooth discoloration: What are my options?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common treatments requested by cosmetic dentistry patients. Patients regularly encounter substances like red wine and coffee that can leave stains on their teeth. Other patients’ teeth may have been discolored by a course of antibiotics, and some people have slightly yellowed smiles simply due to genetics.

Patients seeking whiter teeth have a wide variety of options at their disposal.

One particularly effective teeth whitening method is called ZOOM! Cosmetic dentists use the ZOOM! tooth whitening system to produce drastic results in a little over an hour. The dentist will apply whitening gel to your teeth and then activate the gel using a special light. ZOOM! tooth whitening is a popular choice among patients who need a quick turnaround for a big event.

Other patients choose to use a whitening gel in combination with a custom-made mouth tray to lighten the shade of their teeth. During a dental office visit, your dentist will take a mold of your teeth, which is sent to the lab where the tray will be made. When the tray is back from the lab, your dentist will give it to you, along with some whitening gel, and you’ll be instructed to wear it overnight for several nights. Patients using this method should expect to wait at least a few days before expecting noticeable results.

Some patients attempt to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter products that are applied at home. If you want your teeth to be their whitest and brightest, it’s best to get a treatment from your dentist. The active ingredient in over-the-counter treatments is weaker than those obtained from the dentist, and any results will be short-lived, at best.

If your teeth are significantly discolored, hydrogen peroxide-based gels may not be effective at whitening them. In such cases, patients may want to ask a cosmetic dentist about veneers as an alternative to teeth whitening.

So, don’t despair if your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like them to be. Visit your cosmetic dentist in Plano to learn about the teeth whitening method that will work best for you and meet your needs.

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