The Disadvantages of Invasalign

While using the Invasalign Clear Braces system to straighten your teeth has many advantages, like anything, it also comes with some disadvantages.

Read below for some of the disadvantages of using Invaslign to straighten your teeth.

  • The Invisalign system can be removed from your mouth for eating and cleaning your teeth. Because it’s removable, it doesn’t give your Plano dentist as much control when it comes to assuring your teeth realign themselves and you and your dentist would like.
  • What’s more, if your dentist considers your teeth to be very crooked or to have other issues, the removable teeth straitening system may not be best for your situation. Invisalign usually is best used for issues that are minor or moderate in their complexity.
  • Situations that may be appropriate for Invasalign include teeth are considerably tipped (angled by more than 45 degrees from normal) or rotated (more than 220 degrees from normal).
  • Large gaps between teeth may not respond well to an Invisalign treatment. All of the spaces between your teeth should total no more than 6 mm per arch.
  • Invisalign also may not work if you have a deep overbite, or a skeletally based malocclusion. (A malocclusion is the imperfect positioning of your teeth when your mouth is closed.)
  • Some people undergoing teeth straightening with Invisalign may have to use additional, visible tools on their teeth, such as “buttons” and elastics. Many adults turn to Invisalign because they don’t want anyone to see their braces; these additions to the clear braces system can be seen when worn.
  • Dental crowns and veneers may make poor candidates for bonding the tools to your teeth when these additional tools are necessary, making your Invisalign treatment less than optimum.
  • In fact, patients with dental bridges may not be able to undergo Invisalign treatments at all.
  • A teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign often takes longer to reap the desired results. This may be because patients can remove the aligners and keep them off their teeth longer than just for eating and cleaning, thus mitigating the clear braces’ efficacy in straightening teeth.
  • Invisalign may affect the quality of your speech, but this can be overcome quickly.
  • Some people may be allergic to the plastic used to make the teeth aligners.
  • Invisalign can be a lot more expensive than traditional braces.

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