The benefits of choosing Invisalign

The end result of orthodontic treatment is a beautiful smile with perfectly straight teeth. Unfortunately, though, traditional orthodontics, or braces can make patients feel self-conscious of smiling if they have to unveil a mouthful of metal, or even ceramic brackets during the 18-24 month course of treatment.

A new orthodontic technology called Invisalign can ensure that your smile is as attractive during treatment as it will be afterward. In the Invisalign system, patients receive a series of clear plastic trays that align the smile over time. Patients typically switch to a different tray every other week.

Invisalign offers a number of benefits over traditional braces. The trays truly are nearly invisible, so no one even needs to know you are having your teeth straightened. Also, because there are no rough brackets attached to the tooth’s surface, Invisalign patients can avoid cuts and abrasions on the inside of the lips.

Your regular oral hygiene routine is likely to be easier with Invisalign, too. The trays can be removed, so you can brush and floss just like normal. There’s no need for flimsy floss threaders, and you don’t have to worry about food residue lingering on the brackets and damaging the teeth. Plus, you can eat all of the corn on the cob (and any other food that is off-limits for traditional orthodontics patients) that you want!

Treatment with Invisalign tends to be quicker than traditional braces, too. In fact, in cases of minor crowding, you may only have to wear the trays for six months. Of course, the duration of treatment depends on the complexity of each patient’s case.

If choosing Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you must work with a specially trained dentist who has knowledge of the technique and is experienced in using it. Although you can remove the trays as needed, it is important to wear them as recommended by your dentist so that you complete your treatment within the planned timeframe.

To learn more about this orthodontic treatment and to schedule a consultation, contact an Invisalign specialist in Plano.

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