Teeth Whitening: Is It Really Possible to Have a Brighter Smile?

The two most common causes of yellowing teeth are aging and staining. The consumption of dark foods and liquids (like coffee and tea) can eventually darken the teeth. As we age, the yellow dentin under the enamel of our teeth becomes more visible, which will give your smile a duller sheen.

No matter what the cause, yellowing teeth can be embarrassing. Teeth whitening is an excellent option for restoring your smile to a brighter, confidence-boosting shade. Your cosmetic dentist can provide you with customizable options for whitening your teeth.

While there are over-the-counter teeth whitening products out there, these are designed to be one-size-fixes-all. These products don’t take into account your specific situation or the time frame in which you need to have your smile brightened.

We offer the ZOOM! Whitening system, an advanced, customizable system that can leave your smile up to eight shades brighter in one 45 minute treatment. This is an excellent option for busy professionals who don’t have time to devote several visits to a whitening process, and for people who have an upcoming event for which they want their smile to look its brightest.

During your visit, the dentist will apply a bleaching gel to your teeth. A special light is then used to activate the gel in three sessions of 15 minutes each. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down under the light. The oxygen left from this reaction removes stains from the enamel and the dentin, without harming the teeth.

Once you leave the dentist’s office, you will be given custom-fitted trays to use at home to help maintain your newly brightened smile. You can also help the treatment last as long as possible by avoiding staining foods like coffee, tea, soda, dark chocolate, and red wine. If you do consume these foods, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth as soon as possible afterwards.

At-home teeth whitening can be a hit-or-miss experience. Teeth whitening at the cosmetic dentist’s office ensures that you get the shade you’re after in one quick visit.

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