See How Easy It is To Get White Teeth

We see them all the time: commercials, TV shows, videos, movies, Instagram photos, and more with people sporting gorgeous, brilliantly white teeth.

“I want me some,” we say. “But I drink too much coffee and I love my wine. My teeth already are a dullish color. I don’t want to give up coffee and wine, what can I do?”


Sure, you could give up coffee, wine, tea and other ingestibles that can cause your teeth to dull or even turn yellow. But that won’t turn your pearly dulls into pearly whites. And you want results fast! “After all,” you say to yourself, “I can send and receive e-mail in the blink of an eye, why can’t I get white teeth overnight?”


You almost can, actually.

Let’s take a look at four ways your Plano dentist can give you an almost-instant white-and-bright smile.

  1. Porcelain veneers

These very thin – as in wafer-thin – shells are made of porcelain or even resin and they are colored to look like your natural teeth, except they’re not dull, dingy or yellow. They are custom-fitted to one or more of your teeth. Your dentist bonds the veneer to your tooth, instantly changing its size, shape, length, and providing you with a beautiful smile. You can’t go into your Plano dentist’s office one hour and walk out with a veneer the next, but the procedure is quick and can be done in as few as two or three dental visits over a period of just a few weeks.

  1. Implants

These are implants that replace the roots of your teeth. Your dentist implants them securely into your jaw, then bonds fixed (permanent) teeth onto them. The end result is artificial teeth that look just like real teeth, but better. They also act just like real teeth, allowing you to chew and crunch on just about food.

  1. Crowns

These are tooth-shaped caps that your dentist places over your tooth (from the top to the gum line) in order to cover the tooth. In addition to improving its appearance, crowns can restore a chipped or broken tooth’s shape, size and strength. Your dentist cements/bonds the crown onto your tooth, encasing it fully so that the crown resembles a real tooth. (Note, your dentist may not want to place a crown on a dingy tooth that’s otherwise in great shape. He may recommend another whitening treatment or procedure).

  1. Professional teeth whitening

The three procedures described above aren’t inexpensive and may not be covered by your dental insurance carrier as they sometimes are classified as cosmetic procedures only. While also more than likely not covered by insurance, professional teeth whitening can be a less expensive – and quite effective – alternative. In-home, over-the-counter whitening treatments can be effective, but in-office procedures often are more so and provide results more quickly.

Your Plano dentist more than likely will whiten your teeth by using custom-fitted trays filled with a bleaching solution that’s stronger than that found in in-home bleaching kits. The trays fit snugly over your teeth. The whitening procedure may entail you taking the bleaching trays home, or if the procedure is done entirely in-office, your dentist may use a heat or light source to speed the process up.

If you’re looking for quick ways to whiten your teeth in the area in and around Plano, contact Dr. Darren Dickson by calling the office. We look forward to helping you enjoy a beautiful smile.

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