Sedation Dentistry: Will I feel groggy after my treatment is over?

Sedation dentistry is an ideal way to help nervous patients receive the dental care they require. While many patients have an innate fear of the dentist’s chair, and so only seek help when they really require it, a sedation dentist can utilize several methods to aid the patient in feeling more relaxed when undergoing dental treatment.

The type of sedative will depend on a range of factors, such as the type of dental work to be carried out, and the patient’s overall health; techniques such as nitrous oxide – also referred to as laughing gas – may be used in lesser procedures, while a general anesthetic may be required for more complex treatments.

Sedatives can be inhaled through a mask, as is the case with nitrous oxide, or ingested in the form of pills. Other sedatives may be administered intravenously. In many cases, however, the patient will retain some level of consciousness during the sedation, with only general anesthetic rendering the patient unconscious.

Sedation not only helps the patient to feel more relaxed during dental treatment, but also makes the dentist’s job easier, as the patient is more receptive to the dentist’s instructions and less likely to move or fidget during the procedure.

Afterwards, and depending on the type of sedation used, there is likelihood that the patient may feel sleepy or experience some slight grogginess following the treatment. The sedatives used in sedation dentistry will linger around the body for a time after the procedure has completed, and the patient may feel an increased need to sleep or rest for a brief period of time once treatment has concluded.

Prior to the sedation, the dentist will explain how the patient is likely to feel afterwards, and what to expect during and following the procedure. In many cases, the sedation dentist will require the patient to bring a family or friend along, so that he or she is able to transport the patient home safely afterwards.

Safe and effective, millions of patients who experience nervousness as a result of dental visits have embraced sedation dentistry as an aid towards getting the treatment they require. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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