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Feeling anxious about dental treatment should not prevent you from seeking the healthcare that you need. Millions of people suffer from a very real condition known as dental phobia. Feelings of anxiety and fear can arise from the mere thought of entering a dental office. Often, the sounds and smells associated with dental offices can stir up memories of previous unpleasant experiences. Some patients simply have an aversion to doctors and staff wearing white coats (sometimes referred to as White Coat Syndrome).

Regardless of the source of your anxiety, avoiding necessary dental treatment can be costly to your health. An untreated periodontal disease can have negative long-term systemic effects. Unrestored cavities can become painful as well as unsightly.

Sedation Dentistry is a widely accepted option for calming frazzled nerves and allowing patients to complete dental treatment in a pleasant manner. Sedation is a safe and highly effective method of patient relaxation that has helped millions of people overcome their anxieties about dental treatment. With sedation, your feelings of stress and fear will melt away and be replaced by a warm, gentle feeling. Some patients have even described a feeling of floating peacefully into a dreamlike state.

There are many options available to move you into a calm, relaxed state prior to, and during your treatment. The depth of your sedation can be adjusted to quickly achieve your optimal level of relaxation. In Plano, your sedation dentist, your sedation dentist can recommend the method that is best for your particular needs. With the available advances in medicine and technology, there’s no need to suffer unnecessarily. Choose sedation dentistry to relieve your fears and ensure a more positive and relaxing experience.

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