Sedation dentistry: Will I remember anything?

Dentists recognize that many of their patients have deep fears that may deter them from making and keeping regular check-ups, as well as appointments for other, more complex issues. For patients who have significant anxiety surrounding a visit to the dentist, the fear of a pending appointment may be exacerbated by negative memories of past procedures. Fortunately, patients who take advantage of ...

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Tooth discoloration: What are my options?

Teeth whitening is one of the most common treatments requested by cosmetic dentistry patients. Patients regularly encounter substances like red wine and coffee that can leave stains on their teeth. Other patients' teeth may have been discolored by a course of antibiotics, and some people have slightly yellowed smiles simply due to genetics. Patients seeking whiter teeth have a wide variety of ...

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The benefits of choosing Invisalign

The end result of orthodontic treatment is a beautiful smile with perfectly straight teeth. Unfortunately, though, traditional orthodontics, or braces can make patients feel self-conscious of smiling if they have to unveil a mouthful of metal, or even ceramic brackets during the 18-24 month course of treatment. A new orthodontic technology called Invisalign can ensure that your smile is as ...

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The effects of nicotine and tobacco on your dental health

Nicotine and tobacco have a number of negative effects on the body that have been well-documented. For example, smokers have an increased likelihood of developing conditions like lung cancer and heart disease. Did you know that nicotine and tobacco also have an impact on your oral health? Just as tobacco contributes to cancer elsewhere in the body, it can lead to oral cancer as well. In fact, ...

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Are porcelain veneers permanent?

If you need to repair a flaw in your smile, such as a chipped or crooked tooth, you want a long-lasting solution that won't need to be replaced in a year or two, or worse, a few months. A cosmetic dentist often relies on dental veneers made of porcelain to correct such minor defects, prompting many patients to ask--are porcelain veneers permanent? Porcelain veneers are made of a thin ...

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E4D Same-Day Crowns

Crowns offer dental patients a way to restore diseased or damaged teeth. However, traditional crowns involve at least two office visits, a messy impression of the tooth and a temporary restoration that often does not last until the permanent crown arrives from the lab. Fortunately, a new technique uses innovative technology to give dental patients an option for same-day crowns that are placed ...

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Will I need an implant if I have a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth is often accompanied by significant pain or sensitivity, and such an injury can result in an infection of the pulp that may spread to other parts of the mouth. Because of the associated discomfort and the risk of infection, it is important to repair a cracked tooth as quickly as possible. The treatment will depend on the severity and location of the crack. If the crack is ...

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