Make Over Your Smile With Professional Whitening (video)

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Here’s some BIG news for 2019: you can join a program that will help you keep your smile a brighter shade of white, year in and year out. It’s called the Professional Whitening for Life program. Here’s how it works: As a recurring patient at our Plano, TX dentist’s office, we’ll give you a custom-made whitening tray at your first in-office whitening appointment. Then, as long as you do your part to steer clear of gum disease and cavities in your smile line, you’ll receive an annual supply of professional-strength materials (two tubes of bleaching gel) from us that you can apply yourself around your own schedule at home. If you are ready to take on those tough stains, thereby eliminating those embarrassing social moments, you can get started today by calling us at 972-737-7039 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Dickson. In the meantime, check out this helpful video below.

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