Mail-In Braces: What They Don’t Do

A new trend in teeth alignment solutions has surfaced, being offered as “at-home teeth straighteners” or mail-in invisible braces. The service works as a type of DIY teeth alignment program, where individuals are initially mailed a kit that takes an impression of their teeth, is sent back, and depending on if the individual’s case is taken they are given a treatment plan along with bi-weekly invisible trays. Treatment is typically short-term, the duration of treatment averaging about half a year. While these services market a less expensive, hands-off alternative to traditional teeth alignment solutions, there are important factors to make note of to avoid making a costly mistake for your cosmetic dental needs.

If you wouldn’t trust WebMD to diagnose health problems, why trust a mail-in braces service to administer the appropriate alignment plan for your teeth?

An important component in receiving the correct, personalized dental care is having a professional to rely on for any questions or concerns that could come up during the process. While these services claim that your treatment plan is created by a dental professional, there are no physical visits available throughout your treatment – you’re not able to consult with the professional that administered your plan. While eliminating dentist visits could sound appealing, it lacks the urgency of care and opportunity for discovery that a physical dentist visit would provide. Additionally, it restricts the capabilities of making those minor adjustments that will ensure the best teeth alignment. Furthermore, once your treatment plan is over, if you are not satisfied with your results you cannot extend the length of your treatment.

Everyone is different.

While these services claim to offer customized plans that are created by licensed dentists, they don’t offer the full range of resources that a physical dentist would have. For individuals that require a readily adaptable treatment plan that grows with a patient’s evolving dental needs, short-term plans are not always the right answer for effective, lasting solutions. My Dentist in Plano is centered around the acknowledgement that dentistry cannot be reduced to a one-size-fits-all approach – it takes an individualized approach to give patients the results they deserve.

Education is Key

If you are questioning whether invisible braces are right for you, consult a certified Invisalign dental professional. My Dentist in Plano, a certified Invisalign professional, has the resources to help determine the best treatment plan that is centered around you and committed to your goals.

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