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Just about all of us want a great smile. We want it to make sure our appearance helps us get the job, get the girl, or anything else we think we will have if we possess a great smile.

Thousands of U.S. residents undergo cosmetic dental treatments every day: the America Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has estimated that people in the U.S. spend $2.75 billion every year on cosmetic dental procedures.

It’s also important to note that the great majority of cosmetic dental treatments aren’t covered by dental insurance: Americans are paying these billions of dollars out of their own pockets!

So what will be spending our money on in 2015 and beyond? Read below for cosmetic dentistry trends we expect to see this year and onward.

  • Dentists will encourage patients – and patients will see the wisdom in this – of covering just one or two teeth with porcelain veneers, while professionally whitening other teeth. This will replace the smile makeover trend of 10 or so porcelain veneers. An added benefit is the lower cost of this hybrid tooth whitening method.

Many people used to get such a dazzling smile with the placement of several veneers. Dentists today are recommending the use of just one or two veneers, coupled with professional whitening treatments instead.

  • A huge chunk of cosmetic dental procedures are OTC teeth whiteners. We expect this market to continue to grow as cost-conscious consumers try these over-the-counter systems (which basically are professional systems that have been adapted for at-home use). Many of these OTC systems are becoming more and more effective, and with the added benefit of causing less tooth sensitivity.
  • A good portion of these OTC product users will feel that the results they’ve received could be improved upon and will ask their local dentist to provide some professional whitening services.
  • Still, while our cosmetic dentistry patients want whiter smiles, we’re seeing that they more and more are looking for natural-looking brightening, not the “so bright I need to wear shades” white of earlier years.
  • 3-D printing is growing within the cosmetic dentistry sector. A 3-D system known as Cerec is not available to dentists to create crowns for their patients in as little as just one hour. Most crowns require about a two-week wait between visits; a one-hour wait means a patient conceivable could come in for a new crown in late morning and leave an hour or two after lunch!

If you’re looking to professionally improve the look of your smile, contact Plano cosmetic dentist Dr. Darren Dickson for an appointment to discuss your goals. You also can call our office.

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