Kids and Cars – Heatstroke

As August progresses, we’re continuing to bring attention to the organization (KAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing injuries and death to children in and around motor vehicles. They have been providing children with a much needed voice with parents, caregivers, and legislators since 1996.

Today, we would like to talk about the dangers of heat stroke.

On average, 37 children die a year from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside vehicles. Even the best of parents or caregivers can unknowingly leave a sleeping baby in a car; and the end result can be injury or even death.

Far too many children have been inadvertently left in vehicles or have gotten into a vehicle on their own. In fact, it’s such an issue that the GPS application WAZE recently added a safety mechanism designed to prevent drivers from forgetting their children in the car by reminding the them toward the end of a journey of the presence of a child.

The new feature was created as a solution to this deadly phenomenon.  In the app, drivers will be given an option to activate the function which will provide a reminder by way of a large notification appearing on the screen which cannot be ignored.

Throughout August, we will continue to help spread awareness by accepting donations to at our office. Aside from helping a great cause, making a donation will get you entered into a drawing for a free Sonicare Toothbrush and Free Fluoride for a year.

For more information on, visit their website.

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