Is Invisalign a Treatment Option for Malocclusions?

A malocclusion is created when the top and bottom teeth do not meet properly. Invisalign is a series of dental aligners that work to gently shift teeth to create the correct bite. Although Invisalign clear braces may not be suitable to correct every malocclusion, a visit with your dentist will determine if you are a candidate.

Research and improvements in recent years have made Invisalign a leader in the teeth straightening industry. These advantages include:

  • Invisalign utilizes clear braces, making the teeth straightening process virtually undetectable.
  • The transparent soft plastic aligners are removable. This is critical for many reasons:
  1. Diet – There is no need to modify how or what you eat. Simply remove the aligners during meals and replace immediately after.
  2. Hygiene regimen – Remove the aligners for flossing and brushing. Historically during orthodontic treatment the degree of difficulty working dental floss through metal bands and brackets made flossing very difficult. Food collects, bacteria builds, and dental decay can occur more easily.
  3. Special events – Although it is necessary to wear the Invisalign clear aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours per day, it would be permissible to remove them for monumental events like pictures, prom, weddings, etc.
  4. Sports – Many athletes need to wear protective mouth guards. Simply replace the clear aligners during these times with the mouth guard and replace again when finished.
  • No more wire and metal to cut into soft mouth tissue.

The Orthodontic process will include dental x-rays, photographs and dental impressions. Once you have been declared a candidate for Invisalign, the lab will utilize 3-D digital technology to create a series of clear aligners that you will replace and update every few weeks.

Invisalign will slowly and gently shift teeth into their proper position that will correct an overbite, under bite or cross bite. By correcting the malocclusion, you will realize more than just a smile makeover. Discomfort from an incorrect bite can occur in the head, jaw, ears or neck. Relief from clenching or grinding teeth should occur once the bite has been corrected.

A smile makeover and improving the quality of your dental life can be achieved in about the same amount of time as traditional braces.  To determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign clear aligners, contact the office of Dr. Darren Dickson in Plano.

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