I’m Postponing Dental Treatment Because It’s Not Bothering Me

People don’t visit their doctor unless they are feeling ill, or are in pain. The same can be said for people and their dentist, and many people choose to forego their regular dental checkup because they believe their teeth are healthy and are not causing issues.

While this might be true, and a person’s teeth are not causing concern due to any lack of pain or other issue, it is likely that potential for trouble is still lurking in the mouth, and a person’s lack of preventative action could be exacerbating any likely problem, making it easier for it to develop.

Blood in the sink while cleaning teeth, a twinge from one of the teeth whilst eating hot or cold foods, a tooth that feels a little looser than normal could all be pointers to a dental health problem, but many people choose to overlook dental health, waiting either until their next checkup or not seeking help from their dentist at all!

There are many negative consequences of not seeking or postponing dental treatment.

That blood in the sink could be a result of excessive force when brushing; but it could also be an early indicator of gum disease, which if left undiagnosed and untreated could lead to tooth loss. Twinges in teeth while eating hot or cold foods could suggest tooth sensitivity, which can be caused by dental cavities, or exposed tooth roots, while loose teeth could be caused from erosion of gum tissue as a result of gum disease.

Tooth cavities can allow bacteria to enter into the internals of the tooth, spreading throughout the tooth and affecting the various layers and roots which make up the tooth’s structure. This in turn can lead to painful dental abscesses.

Other problems such as broken or cracked teeth could cause damage inside the mouth, such as lacerations, which in turn could become infected. Clicking in the jaw could be a symptom of temporomandibular disorder.

Don’t put off dental treatment just because your teeth aren’t bothering you. Due to the complex nature of teeth and their construction, you can’t tell for sure that problems aren’t brewing within your mouth. By attending regular dental checkups when scheduled, or seeking prompt dental treatment when problems or symptoms manifest can help to prolong dental health and prevent dental issues from occurring.

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