Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction pretty much is what it sounds like: your bite, muscles and teeth are restored to a youthful look and condition. In other words, if you have missing teeth, exceptionally crooked teeth, a bad bite, extreme yellowing of your remaining teeth, and so on, full mouth reconstruction can give you the smile you had as a youngster – before everything started going downhill. Or even the beautiful smile you never had but always wanted!

What’s more, full mouth reconstruction also will improve your dental health! How? By replacing broken or missing teeth you restore the function of the support structure of your mouth: your gums and jaw. Thus, your mouth will work as it’s supposed to. You’ll be able to chew and swallow and talk as you’re supposed to!

A full mouth reconstruction actually is comprised of a few different procedures. Some may be purely cosmetic, others may neuromuscular in nature. These procedures take place because your teeth, gums and jaw all work together and affect each other. For example, a poor bite could be caused by a broken tooth. This leads to a problem with chewing food and creates wear on your teeth. This tooth wear can mean neck and jaw soreness, leading to headaches and even migraines.

The various treatments that may be involved with your full mouth reconstruction could include:

  • Tooth filling and a root canal
  • Root planing and scaling
  • A night guard or mouthguard
  • Veneers
  • Dental inlays or onlays
  • A dental crown
  • The use of a bite repositioning orthodontic device
  • Implants or a dental bridge
  • Teeth whitening and/or dental bonding
  • Braces

Depending on how much reconstruction you want and how severe the problems are with your mouth, your full mouth reconstruction could a take take a few months to a year to finish.

Your first step should be to call a Plano cosmetic surgeon to set up a consultation to see what your goals are and if you’re a good candidate for the procedures. You and your dentist will discuss the phases of your full mouth reconstruction and set up a timeline. Your dentist also will tell you what to expect during the weeks or months of your reconstruction and will thoroughly discuss any risks you may be taking on.

If you’d like to schedule a first meeting about full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Dickson, call our office or e-mail us at [email protected].

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