Fixing a “Gummy” Smile

A gummy smile is a smile that exposes a large amount of the gum tissue above the upper teeth. In some cases, individuals with gummy smiles are self-conscious about the way they look and wish to have this condition altered. There are several ways to alter a gummy smile, depending upon the severity of the condition. The expertise of a Cosmetic dentist in Plano can make a world of difference for someone made self-conscious by this condition.

Treatments for a gummy smile include:

Gingivectomy. Also referred to as gum contouring, a gingivectomy removes gum tissue from above the tooth, increasing the amount of tooth that shows while at the same time reducing the exposed gum tissue. This procedure is often performed with lasers, decreasing discomfort and healing time.

Crown Lengthening. For cases where gum exposure is more extreme, crown lengthening offers an option that produces a better balance between gum tissue and teeth. The gums are lifted away from the teeth and sutured into a different position, then some of the bone around the tooth roots is removed to provide room for veneers or crowns to be placed after the gums have healed.

Even a minor procedure with minimal tissue contouring and no added veneers or crowns can make a dramatic difference to a gummy smile. A Plano dental professional can help determine the best treatments for an individual patient.

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