E4D Same-Day Crowns

Crowns offer dental patients a way to restore diseased or damaged teeth. However, traditional crowns involve at least two office visits, a messy impression of the tooth and a temporary restoration that often does not last until the permanent crown arrives from the lab. Fortunately, a new technique uses innovative technology to give dental patients an option for same-day crowns that are placed in a single appointment.

A computer system that includes E4D imaging software is essential to this process. This technology allows the dentist to create a three-dimensional image of the tooth right in the dental office, eliminating the need to take an impression of the tooth and send that impression to a dental lab for the crown to be created.

The E4D process begins in similar fashion to a traditional crown placement. The dentist will examine your tooth and remove the damaged area to prepare for the crown. After this step, the dentist will create a digital image of the tooth, using a laser scanning wand, and upload it to the computer. The E4D software is then used to design the crown based on that digital image, and the crown is milled in the dental office. When it’s ready, the dentist bonds it to the patient’s tooth, and the patient leaves with the permanent restoration in place.

In addition to the streamlined procedure, E4D same-day crowns offer other benefits to patients. The E4E process requires less drilling and allows more of the natural tooth to remain intact. Same-day crowns also are bonded, rather than cemented, and bonding creates a longer lasting, stronger adhesion between the crown and the tooth.

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