E4D Crowns: metal-free restoration in a day

Dental crowns provide strength and durability for weakened or fractured teeth. Typically made from porcelain and shaped and contoured to blend in with your natural teeth, crowns are beautiful restorative solutions. Until now, two full dental appointments have been required to restore a single tooth. The first visit involved preparing the tooth, making gooey impressions and models, and preparing a temporary crown. After a few weeks, another visit was required to remove the temporary crown and place the final restoration.

Your life is busy and your time is precious. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your dental work in exchange for comfort or convenience.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we can design, mill, and place your dental crown, inlay, onlay, or cosmetic veneers, in just one office visit. By scanning your prepared tooth in your mouth and sending the information to a wireless in-office milling station, the E4D system eliminates the need for gooey impression material and temporary crowns. Your dentist can design and produce a virtually perfect restoration in just minutes! Your permanent restoration will be seated on your tooth the same day!

Using the E4D Dentist System, we are able to not only streamline the dental restoration process but also create precise, natural-looking restorations. The E4D design software allows us to add cusps, contours, grooves, and other anatomical features for natural looking and functioning teeth. No two teeth are created alike; therefore, we customize the shade and luster to complement your facial features.

With metal-free crowns, you can expect your dentist to create teeth that are beautifully balanced between translucency and opacity. The shade of your restorations will be as unique as you are! Restorations that are free of metal are also fantastic solutions for patients with metal allergies and sensitivities. Porcelain restorations are extremely biocompatible and present no allergenic risk.

For a beautiful, natural smile that you can feel confident about, place your trust in the hands of a skilled dentist in Plano, you can achieve the smile that you desire, and you will love the comfort and convenience of same-day dentistry.

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