Does Invisalign work for adults?

For many years it was a popular opinion that only children and teenagers were the most likely candidates to have their teeth straightened. But now, Invisalign has made that opinion a mere myth.

Young professionals and adults of all ages are not immune to wanting to have a dazzling smile with straight teeth. But aesthetically speaking, the bands and brackets that are standard with traditional braces make having your teeth straightened as an adult very unpopular.

Invisalign is a system where a series of soft, clear plastic aligners are designed to gently shift your teeth to their correct position. Because of their transparency, adults of all ages are opting to visit their dentist to see if they are a candidate for this teeth straightening method.

The advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces are numerous:

  • The clear soft plastic aligners are removable. This means being able to maintain a nutritionally delicious diet filled with fruits and vegetables that are not easily consumed with metal bands and brackets.
  • Because they are removable, daily oral hygiene is much easier to maintain. Flossing and brushing with metal bands and brackets is tedious, but being able to remove the aligners makes it easy to floss and brush without any obstacles.
  • The clear aligners make this method of teeth straightening virtually undetectable making it the perfect answer for adults of all ages and walks of life.
  • The absence of metal bands and brackets also means the end of wires that can break or become abrasive causing sores on soft tissue.

Your dentist will be able to explain exactly what will be involved with your teeth straightening. Pictures, x-rays and models will be made and sent to the Invisalign laboratory where their 3-D technology will develop a series of the soft aligners to work to straighten your teeth.

Consistent visits with your dentist will be needed to monitor your progress. Adults can expect their treatment will last from six months to two years.

With Invisalign, it is necessary to wear the aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours per day to achieve the desired results in the recommended time frame.

So if you are an adult that is self-conscious about your smile, a consultation with Dr. Darren Dickson, your Plano Invisalign provider, can bring you results you never thought possible.

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