Differences Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces

When it comes to straightening crooked teeth, traditional orthodontic treatment with braces is no longer the only option.

While traditional braces still do an excellent job of correcting misaligned teeth, no-one can deny they look unattractive. Traditional braces can also limit a person’s diet, and can make keeping teeth clean more difficult. Regular visits to a dentist are also required for tweaks and adjustments to the wires in order to maintain correct treatment.

Invisalign is a newer method of straightening and correcting the alignment of crooked teeth. Instead of brackets and wires, the treatment involves a series of clear braces that are worn over the teeth, much like an athlete’s gum shield. A dentist customizes a patient’s treatment to deliver the desired result, and fashions a series of nearly invisible aligners that the patient wears for a period of time, typically two weeks, before the next in the series of aligners is worn.

Each individual aligner targets and moves specific teeth slowly into their desired position.

Each individual aligner targets and moves specific teeth slowly into their desired position. Patients can see on a virtual 3D map of their own customized treatment plan how each tooth will move over the course of the treatment, allowing the patient to have a clear understanding of how their teeth are expected to look by the end of the program.

Invisalign, unlike traditional braces, can be removed to allow for normal eating. With braces, hard foods and sticky foods may become restricted due to the potential damage they may cause to the braces. With Invisalign, the patient just needs to remove the aligner for the duration of their meal.

Cleaning is also easier, as the aligner can simply be brushed with a soft toothbrush and rinsed under a tap. With braces, brushing can be awkward, for fear of damaging the delicate wires, and areas of the teeth can be missed from cleaning, allowing bacteria and decay to grow.

And perhaps the best benefit of Invisalign is that the treatment is barely noticeable. The material used in the construction of Invisalign aligners is both strong and clear, and so people needn’t know the wearer is even undergoing orthodontic treatment.

With so many benefits, its little wonder the popularity of Invisalign has grown!

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