Dental Implants: A Great Alternative to Bridges, Partials, or Full Dentures

Dental implants are rapidly gaining popularity as a means of replacing teeth, whether that consists of a single tooth or multiple teeth. In contrast to bridges, partial dentures or full dentures, implants are permanent, stationary and replace the entire tooth, including the tooth root. Other tooth replacement options replace only the visible portion of the tooth,and must be removed for cleaning.

Dental implants are made of a special metal that naturally bonds with bone. This bonding allows the portion of the implant that lies beneath the surface to integrate with the jawbone. The visible portion of the replacement tooth is affixed to the implant, where it remains stationary while you talk, eat, chew, and go about your everyday activities.

Unlike dentures, implants will not move in your mouth, nor can they become dislodged or fall out. This adds security, allowing you to eat anything you like without worrying that your teeth might become loose. You can talk, smile and eat with confidence just as you would with your natural teeth.

The procedure used to place traditional dental implants takes some time, because there is a necessary healing interval before your new teeth can be affixed to the root portion of the implant. However, some newer techniques make use of a much quicker procedure, in which the visible portion of the implant can be placed immediately. To find out what dental implant procedure will work best to replace your missing teeth, please contact a dentist experienced with dental implants in Plano for a dental implant consultation.

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