Common questions and answers about implant dentistry

Dental implants have become a widely accepted method of tooth replacement over the last decade. Extensive clinical evidence and uncompromising scientific trials support claims that rate dental implants as the highest level of care, compared to other tooth replacement options.

Generally, a more conservative and stable option compared to bridges and partial dentures, the value of the implant extends far beyond the actual tooth that it replaces. You are probably familiar with the concept of dental implants, but you may not know all that the procedure entails.

What is a dental implant and who can benefit from one? A dental implant is a surgical grade titanium post which is inserted into the jawbone. With healing, the implant fuses to the bone and serves as an anchor for a final restoration, such as a crown. Once complete, the implant will replace both the missing tooth and the missing root. Nearly all adults with missing teeth may be candidates for dental implants, as long as there are no underlying medical risk factors.

What are the benefits of dental implants? Because the implant fuses or bonds to the jawbone, the shape and density of the bone is preserved. Unlike bridges and partials, implants do not require the modification of neighboring teeth, keeping your remaining tooth structures natural. Implants are as strong and durable as a natural tooth, providing you with the confidence you need for chewing and speaking. No special tools or equipment are necessary for your daily oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing the implant is no different than caring for your natural teeth.

Will the procedure hurt? The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. In most cases, your implant dentist can complete your treatment in the comfort of the dental office.

When considering your choices for replacing a missing tooth, it is important to arm yourself with the facts. To make a truly informed decision, you’ll need to partner with an implant dentist whom you trust. If you are ready to give your smile another chance, why not schedule an appointment with our Plano implant dentistry team?

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