Common causes of tooth loss

As recently as a generation ago, many adults considered tooth loss to be an expected result of the aging process. Most adults were satisfied with the thought of impending tooth loss and felt it could not be avoided. Often teeth were lost due to unaddressed periodontal disease and decay. When a tooth became the source of discomfort, it may have simply been pulled, and, when enough teeth were missing, a denture or partial was the only solution.

Today, prevention of dental disease is the general rule, and most dentists will encourage patients to save their natural teeth if at all possible. Tooth loss is not considered to be a result of the aging process anymore. Still, in some cases, tooth loss is unavoidable, and the next step is still tooth replacement.

In Plano, implant dentistry affords you the opportunity to replace your missing tooth with a functional and natural- looking alternative. By now, we understand the importance of replacing even a single tooth, and the best possible solution is the dental implant. Implants are being used all over the world to replace teeth that have been lost due to:

  • periodontal disease (extensive bone loss and lack of support for the tooth)
  • extensive decay (weakened or fractured teeth may be deemed non-restorable)
  • trauma (a traumatized tooth can result in irreversible nerve damage or a fractured root)

Occasionally, a tooth may fail to form at all, or a primary tooth may be retained into adulthood. Under these circumstances, it may become necessary to select a tooth replacement that can function as the natural tooth would have performed.

Dental implants can replace your missing tooth so naturally, most people will be unaware that you even have an implant at all! The surgical grade artificial tooth root is implanted into your jaw bone and typically allowed to heal for 4-6 months. After a satisfactory healing period, the replacement tooth is permanently cemented, and your implant procedure is complete.

Tooth loss is unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable. It’s comforting to know that there is a state-of-the-art solution that you can trust. If you are facing tooth loss, or are currently interested in replacing a missing tooth, call our office for your appointment today.

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