Can Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Replace All of My Teeth?

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At My Dentist in Plano, we help patients repair their smiles. We use restorative dentistry procedures, including bridges, crowns, dentures, and All-on-4® implants, to rebuild smiles in Plano, TX. During a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Darren K. Dickson helps his patients improve how their smiles look and function. It can also replace missing teeth. During a consultation, he performs a dental exam that examines your teeth and gums to make professional recommendations on the best treatment options for your full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plan.

What is full-mouth rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rehabilitation can improve your oral health while creating strong, functional teeth in Plano, TX. Dr. Dickson uses a combination of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures during a full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plan. At My Dentist in Plano, we can discuss your concerns about your smile during a consultation at our dental office.

What a full-mouth rehabilitation can do for your smile

Dr. Dickson makes it possible for his patients to replace missing teeth with a full-mouth rehab plan.

Some benefits of having full-mouth rehabilitation in Plano, TX include:

  • Boosting self-confidence

  • Fixing teeth alignment

  • Improving TMD symptoms

  • Improving your oral health

  • Replacing missing teeth

  • Treating periodontal disease

What treatments are used during full-mouth rehabilitation?

Every full-mouth rehabilitation at My Dentist in Plano is different. The treatments chosen will depend on a patient’s oral health needs and your overall goals for your smile. Some common treatments used by Dr. Dickson during a full mouth rehabilitation in Plano, TX include:

He uses a combination of restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to help his patients have strong and healthy teeth and gums.

The full-mouth rehabilitation process

When you begin your full mouth rehabilitation in Plano, TX, it includes these steps:

  1. Exam/diagnosis: Dr. Dickson uses dental X-rays using the advanced Cone Beam 3-D Imaging system at My Dentist in Plano to look closely at your teeth and gums.

  2. Treatment planning: After evaluating your concerns, he can discuss your goals with you and make professional recommendations for the best procedures for your oral health. Some full-mouth rehabilitation treatments can be done that day, while others may require multiple visits to our Plano, TX office.

  3. Preparation: Some treatments require a treatment that prepares you for another procedure, such as bone grafting for those who don’t have enough existing jawbone for dental implants.

  4. Procedure: The final step is the procedure or procedures you have chosen for your full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plan.

Improve your smile with full mouth rejuvenation

You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t love. At My Dentist in Plano, Dr. Darren K. Dickson offers full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plans for those looking to improve the function and appearance of their teeth and gums. To schedule a consultation to learn more about full-mouth rehabilitation and the restorative dentistry procedures used in Plano, TX, call our dental office today.

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