Benefits of Same-Day Crowns/Porcelain Fillings

When your tooth is damaged or it has considerable decay, a porcelain crown/porcelain filling is a great option for long-term – as in decades’ long – restoration of the tooth’s natural function.

A dental crown really is a cap that covers the tooth’s surface, protecting it from further damage/decay and returning it to its original size, shape and appearance. It protects and even strengthens the toot’s structure and is especially effective for a tooth that can’t be otherwise restored.

A porcelain crown is the most popular because the crown is the same color as a tooth and therefore resembles your natural tooth. These types of crowns are created to exactly match the color, size and shape of your tooth.


Anyone looking at your mouth will be hard pressed to tell the difference between your natural tooth and a porcelain crown.

Porcelain crown technology has advanced to the point that your Plano dentist can place a porcelain crown on your tooth in just one visit. Which means that the “old” way of going to the dentist’s office for a temporary crown or filling (while a new crown/filling is made that matches your tooth exactly) and returning for a second visit to get the new crown cemented to your tooth is over!

Instead, you visit the dentist just once to be fitted and have the crown cemented to your tooth.

This also means that you’ll have just one injection of pain killer to numb the area (so that the dentist can remove the decay and damage before placing the new crown on your tooth), rather than two visits and two injections.

White or silver fillings – or crowns made of gold – tend to last less than a decade before you’ll need a replacement.

Porcelain fillings/crowns can last as long as 25 years (so long as you properly care for your teeth).

Plano dentist, Dr. Darren Dickson, can offer his patients same-day crowns because we have computer software that lets him see and adjust the crown for the best comfort, fit and function. Our milling machine creates your crown in our office by taking the information collected by the software. Dr. Dickson can then place and bond the crown securely, allowing you to come in with a damaged or unsightly tooth and leave with a beautiful, natural-looking porcelain crown on the tooth.

For more information on porcelain crowns and fillings, contact our office by phone to make an appointment with Dr. Dickson.

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