An Athletic Mouthguards Solution In Plano [VIDEO]

It feels like summer is slipping away from us fast. To protect your child’s teeth and gums from any dental damage that might occur from participating in fall sports and all the related practices, games, meets, matches, and so forth, you can have your children fitted for athletic mouthguards right here at our Plano area dentist’s office before school starts back.

Here’s an added bonus that most folks never even think about: our special sports guards can also help your young players breathe better and speak more clearly while they are in action, and these appliances offer more comfort, durability, strength, and protection than the store-bought mouthguards that you have to boil and bite. 

Take a look at the video clip below from our friends at the ADA, for more details about mouthguards, and then call My Dentist in Plano, TX today at 972-737-7039 or fill out our online form to schedule an easy preventive dentistry appointment.


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