Am I Too Old for Braces?

No one is too old for braces today. No one.

Once a sort of rite of passage for pre-teens and teenagers, braces today are appropriate for people of all ages.

How so? Many adults are worried that the braces will be too visible and will cause too much attention to their faces. But today, such teeth straightening tools as Invisalign Clear Braces are pretty much invisible and – unlike traditional braces – can even be removed for cleaning and eating, making them perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth.

Invisalign works to straighten teeth by repositioning them via a series of clear plastic trays that are custom-designed for each patient’s distinctive mouth shape and structure. Computer software (3D) is used in planning the treatment – and also lets a patient see what his new smile will look like once the treatment is completed. reports that as of April 2008 (more than six years ago, as of this writing) more than 730,000 patients had undergone treatment with the Invisalign teeth-straightening procedure

Invisalign can be removed at will. It also doesn’t have sharp metal points, as standard braces do, and patients don’t have to visit the dentist as often for checkups.

As for adults opting for braces, the toothbrush company OralB estimates that up to 20 percent of those wearing braces are adults.

Adults choose to get braces for a variety of reasons: they had them when younger but the job wasn’t done properly, or teeth have shifted as they’ve aged and they want to improve their appearance. Other adults have had crooked teeth for most – or all – of their lives and opt for braces to improve their smiles for personal or career reasons.

About the only downsides to getting braces as an adult is the fact that many dental insurance plans don’t pay for braces for those older than 18. The entire teeth straightening process also may take longer for an adult than for a youngster or teen due to the fact that adult teeth are more “set” in a person’s mouth.

If you’re an adult and are wondering if you’d be a good candidate for braces – invisible or not – contact Plano dentist Dr. Darren Dickson for a consultation. Contact our office by phone or send us a message at [email protected].

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