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If you are ready to spring into action with a smile makeover, you’ll love our cosmetic dentistry treatments. At our Plano, TX dental office, we have everything from dental bonding and professional teeth whitening, both of which can reimagine your imperfect or off-color smile in one easy visit, to the increasingly popular Invisalign clear orthodontic aligner system.

The latter can transform your collection of crooked teeth, crowded, or gapped teeth into a more gorgeous grin, without using any metal whatsoever. Keep reading to hear more about the possibilities, and then be sure to call us at 972-737-7039 to get started on your journey.

Professional Teeth Whitening For A Bright New Smile

These days just about everyone could use a little boost to help recapture that bright, white aspect of their smile. And it doesn’t help that the over the counter solutions don’t help! But a dentist-directed program will set you straight. With us, you can choose a quick Zoom! in-office whitening treatment or go with our take-home custom trays to whiten your teeth whenever it makes the most sense for your schedule. Be sure to ask about our Whitening for Life program.

Dental Bonding For Small Imperfections

Even if the years have been a little rough on your smile, there is hope. We can take care of deep stains, cracks, chips and more with a procedure known as dental bonding. It gets applied right over the tooth to cover up your problems.

Our bonding material can be matched perfectly to your tooth, and no one will be able to tell where the bonding ends and your tooth begins.

Because bonding is so cost-effective, it is a great way for folks to ease into the world of cosmetic dentistry.

Invisalign Can Straighten Your Smile Without Metal

Orthodontic treatments have come a long way. We no longer have to use metal brackets and wires to move teeth into proper position. Instead we feature a couple of innovative options at our office, and we’re always proud to connect patients to the one called Invisalign.

This is a clear orthodontic aligner program that relies on clear plastic trays to shift teeth instead of fixed appliances. The trays are virtually invisible, which means you won’t have to have any uncomfortable conversations or field questions about what’s going on in your mouth. And the treatment often wraps up in only about 12 months, which is less than half the time regular metal braces would take to get the job done.

Invisalign works really well at straightening out minor orthodontic problems and has become the preferred treatment for many of our adult patients. It might just be your preference too! But you’ll have to come see for yourself.

Call Now To Transform Your Smile This Spring

We hope you are now inspired to begin your smile makeover process. All you have to do is call My Dentist in Plano, TX today at 972-737-7039 or fill out our online form to schedule an initial consultation appointment. The cosmetic dentistry solutions discussed above are only a few of the many treatments that might work for your current needs and budget.


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