A Pretty Smile for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just 12 days away. If your teeth are crooked, chipped, stained/yellowed, or otherwise not providing with you a dazzling smile, veneers can help considerably.

And if you move really fast, you might – just might – have that beautiful smile in time for the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner you’re planning with your sweetheart.

If you call Dr. Dickson’s office today, you may be able to get your veneers in time for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Veneers are extremely slim shells made of ceramic/porcelain or a composite resin that your dentist places on the front of a tooth, and then glues it to the tooth with an extremely strong and waterproof bonding material. The veneers look almost exactly like natural teeth and can cover chipped, broken, crooked, and yellow teeth, creating a beautiful smile.

You may need to visit your dentist up to three times for the entire procedure: the first to discuss if you’re a candidate (the dentist will look at the condition of your teeth, as well as your gums to see if your teeth are in good condition – other than their appearance).

The second appointment will see your dentist buffing/removing a tiny portion of your tooth (this may require a local anesthetic). This makes is slightly smaller so that the veneer will fit over it.

Now, this is where the process can take just one or two visits, or can take longer: if you’re going for a composite resin veneer, the dentist can place it on your teeth and mold/shape and bond it the day he removes some of your tooth enamel.

But if you prefer the longer-lasting porcelain (ceramic) veneer, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and then send the mold to a lab which will create the veneer shells to perfectly fit your teeth. It can take a few days for the porcelain veneers to come back from the lab. So your appointment to have the veneers placed, shaped and bonded to your teeth could take too long to provide you with a pretty smile by Valentine’s Day.

But it’s not impossible.

If you really want veneers in time for Valentine’s Day, contact Plano cosmetic dentist Dr. Darren Dickson today to set up your first appointment to talk about your desires for a prettier smile.

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