8 Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you have a friend who broke a tooth and you expect to see said chipped tooth in your friend’s mouth the next time you visit…and instead see a beautiful tooth in its place, you’re probably seeing a dental crown on the damaged tooth.

Crowns are tooth-shaped covers customized to place over a damaged tooth or implant. They provide the wearer with the look, size, shape, and color of a real, beautiful tooth.

  1. The top benefit of a dental crown thus is obvious: it makes your smile pretty and also helps you chew your food properly. (Most people get crowns for the cosmetic aspect.) Crowns, which are made of porcelain fused to metal or a composite resin, can be fitted over a tooth to improve that tooth’s appearance, whether the tooth is cracked, broken, misshaped, or badly discolored.

A dental crown makes a broken, cracked or stained tooth new again.

  1. Crowns resist stains, making them a great fix for stained teeth.
  2. Dentures slip. Crowns don’t. They stay put because they’re either cemented to your tooth or implant, or they’re anchored in your mouth with a dental bridge (to replace a missing tooth).
  3. They’re very durable. They should last between and 15 years. The better you care for them (brushing and flossing at least twice a day), the longer they’ll last.
  4. They protect damaged teeth from tooth decay and plaque buildup. What’s more, crowns that cap the teeth (they go over and encase the teeth) act as a splint for a broken, chipped or damaged tooth.
  5. Missing teeth can affect your speech. Dental crowns can restore the placement of your teeth in your mouth as they were before, helping you speak as usual.
  6. They’re much more comfortable than partial dentures. Unlike dentures, which sit on the top of the gums and jawbone, and can thereby cause pain, dental crowns fit right over the tooth and bonded to it, thus saving you’re the gums from irritation and pain.
  7. Crowns create beautiful smiles. Many people don’t like to show stained or broken teeth out of embarrassment, thus never – or rarely – smiling. Crowns can make “ugly” teeth beautiful, giving the wearer confidence to brighten the world with a big smile.

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