3 More Reasons to Cut Back on Sugar

You already know you probably should cut back on the amount of sugar you eat.

In addition to helping us gain weight, eating too much sugar could possibly lead to diabetes.

But wait: from your dentist’s perspective, there are three more reasons why we all should cut back on sugar.

  1. Sugar attracts the bacteria Streptococcus mutans. This microbe eats sugar and other carbs and then converts them into an organic acid. Just as any acid does, this acid erodes the things it lands on. And what is it landing on in your mouth? Your teeth! More specifically, the tooth enamel on top of your teeth, the “cover” that protects the inside of your teeth from the elements. Let the sugar-cum-acid stay on your teeth long enough (or just eat a lot of sugar constantly) and the acid will erode your tooth enamel. Tooth enamel can’t be regrown; once it’s lost, it’s lost. In addition, the loss of enamel makes your teeth more vulnerable to the bacteria that cause cavities.


This piece of Tiramisu cake looks delicious and we’re sure it’s scrumptious. But does a minute on your lips mean enamel erosion for your teeth? Possibly.

  1. Did you know that the more sugar you eat, the hungrier and hungrier you could become? As in insatiably hungry? You could develop what is known as leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that tells you when you’ve had enough to eat, but if you’re leptin resistant, you’ll never receive that “I’m full” or “I’m satisfied” signal from your brain. You’ll always feel Which naturally could lead you to eating more, gaining weight, and so on.
  2. Sugar may contribute to cognitive decline. reported in March 2014 about studies that found that rats fed diets high in sugar and fat had dulled emotional arousal and some memory impairment. Another study, the online magazine reported, found that a diet high in high fructose corn syrup found reduced performance in the human hippocampus. While a direct link between high amounts of sugar and dementia/cognitive decline has yet been found, scientists -and your Plano dentist – urge caution when it comes to sugar.

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