Plano, TX | Bill C. on why he loves coming to My Dentist in Plano | My Dentist in Plano

Bill C. talks about his expectations of excellence and how My Dentist in Plano fulfills that expectation.

Patient Testimonial

"Dear Dr. Dickson,

The experts tell us that our smile represents 75% of the image others have of us. Sir, you have given me a new lease on life. As a professional speaker for the last 21 years, I have tolerated what I call a Grade “B” smile. As my dentist and my friend, you educated and encouraged me to take my smile to a Grade “A” level. You assured me I would feel better about myself and I would be more effective as a speaker.

Human nature can cause us to fear the unknown and to be apprehensive about traveling a road we have never been down before. When we started the journey to do my smile makeover, I decided to cultivate positive expectations in advance. Step by step you put me at ease, and your professional skills and delicate touch, plus a strong support staff, gave me peace about the process. My words cannot fully describe the before and after comparison. When I looked into the mirror to see the finished product, I was ecstatic and thrilled beyond description. I now speak with more confidence, more courage, and more boldness than ever before.

Dr. Dickson, please accept my deepest gratitude for what I call positively outrageous service. When I now look in the mirror, I like the new me I see. You are absolutely the best! I will recommend you to everyone who wants to improve their self-esteem and increase their value as a human being – now that is a lot of people out there.

Warmest personal regards,

Bill C."